Tore Grønne (b. 1978)
I have a degree in journalism from The Danish School of Journalism and San Francisco State University. I worked as a crime reporter for the newspaper Mid Day in Mumbai, as a travel journalist in Politikens Hus and as the Editor in Chief of Danish adventure and outdoor magazine Opdag Verden (formerly Adventure World).
Today I am a freelance writer, public speaker and author.
I have written and photographed stories from six different continents that have appeared in magazines and newspapers in for example Denmark, Norway, Sweden, England, India and the US.   
My book Farvel Tibet - På sporet af et tabt land (Goodbye Tibet - On the Trail of a Lost Land) was published by Gyldendal in 2012. 
I am a member of the Adventurer's Club of Denmark.

In 1999, when I was 20 years old, I set out alone to bicycle through the Andes in Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentine. The next year I bicycled from China to Denmark. Since I started, I have pedaled about 50.000 km on six continents. Along the way I trekked in the Himalayas, Karakorams, Hindu Kush and Andes among other of the world's highest mountain ranges. 

Trips & Travels
2013: Bicycling in Grand Teton NP and around Yellowstone NP. Bicycling from southern Oregon to Yosemite. Bicycling in the Ozarks in Missouri and Arkansas. 
2012: Bicycling in Utah. Skiing in Colorado. Road trips in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota and Utah. 
2011: Snowshoeing in Yosemite. Cycling in California. Two road trips across The States. Two months on a ranch in the Sonora Desert. Road trip in California and Oregon.
2010-2011: 7 months bicycling and trekking in the Himalayas - India, Nepal, Tibet, China. 

2009: Reporting trips to South Africa, Swaziland, The US and Australia. Around Iceland by bicycle. Bicycling the Californian coast.  
2008: Reporting trips to South India, Kenya, Rwanda, Borneo and Bolivia - The last one by bicycle. Trips to The States.
2007: Two months in Dharamsala in The Indian Himalayas to report on Tibetan refugees. Two months by bicycle through Central Asia on the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Trips to The States. 
2006: Two months bicycling i The Rocky Mountains in Canada and down the US West coast. Living and studying in San Francisco. Trip to Baja California.
2005: Bicycle reporting trip to Pakistan's North West Frontier Province. Reporting trips to Norway and Australia.

2004: Bicycling through Jordan and Egypt. Two months bicycling in the Indian Himalayas. Living in India, working as a crime reporter for Mumbai newspaper Mid Day.
2003: Two months bicycling in the Indian Himalayas. 

2002: Bicycling in Norway. Six months bicycling through Central and South America - Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.
2000-2001:  One year bicycling home from Asia - Pakistan, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary Austria, Germany and Denmark.
1999: Four months bicycling through Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina

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