I've written and photographed features that have appeared in:
    # Adventure Cyclist (The US)
    # Adventure Travel Magazine (England) 
    # Boneshaker Magazine (Europe + North America + Australia)  
    # Mid Day (India)  
    # UTE Magasinet (Norway) 
    # Kilroy Magazine (Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Finland) 
    # Adventure World (Denmark)    
    # Opdag Verden (Denmark)   
    # Turen Går Til (Denmark) 
    # The Danish Cyclist Union's magazine CYKLISTER (Denmark) 
    # Arena (Denmark) 

    # Berlingske (Denmark)
BOOKS (Sorry, they're in Danish)
My book about about cycling and trekking in the Himalayas on the trail of the lost Tibet. Published by Gyldendal in 2012.
I walk over a suspension bridge in Pakistan and wrote a chapter in this book with 27 stories from The Adventurer's Club of Denmark. Published by Gyldendal in 2011.

I've written numerous stories for Danish adventure and outdoor magazine Opdag Verden - and photographed a few covers.
Intro spreads for other stories in Opdag Verden

                       Story from British Adventure Travel Magazine
Norwegian UTE

 Story from Danish Adventure World
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